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Let's help stop the pandemic together

#hoteliers_covid_stop connects supporting hospitals and government agencies with hoteliers who are ready to provide beds, bedding and linen, as well as hotels for doctors to stay.

*Required positions can change quickly depending on the situation.


Support hospitals, government agencies: actual and expected need for beds, bedding, and accommodation

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Hoteliers ready to provide beds, bedding and placement of doctors

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Why is it important right now

Greetings friends!

My name is Arthur Lupashko. I am a hotelier. Founder of the Ribas Hotels Group hotel chain.

Every day, the situation is changing and requires prompt and effective solutions.

We see the latest news about coronavirus today and are aware of the consequences for our lives and hotel business.

Right now, you need to help the healthcare system overcome the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

The burden on doctors is increasing. Let's help creating the conditions for their temporary residence. Which will improve the quality of patient care.

We URGENTLY encourage hoteliers, realizing the consequences of inaction, to show social responsibility. Help the country to solve the problem of lack of placements for quarantine and isolation of medical workers. Providing them with beds, bedding and linen.

If you are ready to join the fight against the spread of COVID-19 and its consequences — please state this in the form above. ↑

For the operational communication of hoteliers, we use the chat in Telegram: Hoteliers covid chat

“Hoteliers covid chat”

Subscribe and add your colleagues and acquaintances.

Let's overcome this time together!

Sincerely, Arthur Lupashko and a team of caring hoteliers.

Answers to your questions

What is the purpose of creating #covid_stop hoteliers?

Formation of a reserve necessary for medical doctors to live now or in the near future. Creation of a platform for the connection of public services and the hospitality industry.

How will the data sent be used?

Data will be used only for the purposes of the program # hoteliers_covid_stop. To exchange information with relevant third parties (health care facilities, hospitals, state and local authorities).

If I sent the information, can I cancel the program?

Yes, you can contact us at any time and cancel the program. Your information only allows us to understand that you can be contacted.

What types of hotel real estate are needed for accommodation?

Today, any hotel property located within the city is accepted for consideration.

What are the requirements for beds required by medical facilities?

Single beds The frame is made of solid, washable materials. Not upholstered with fabric.

What are the requirements for bedding sets and linen for hospitals?

Single blankets, ordinary pillows.
Bed linen - single, cotton, color does not matter.

Who will be provided with accommodation and beds?

Medical staff: doctors, nurses, and first aid providers.
People who are not infected with COVID-19, but who need hospital care

What else useful can I do in overcoming the spread of coronavirus infection through the #covid_stop hoteliers program?

The situation is changing hourly. Therefore, be prepared to respond at any time when they turn to you. The issue may concern assistance with property, services, experience, human resources and everything that can help.

Will there be compensation from the government for the provided resources / services in the future?

We cannot answer this question at this time. Today, this initiative is a volunteer manifestation of social awareness.

Will my resources be directed to support a particular region?

The issue will initially be determined by location. It also depends on the situation and the volume of requests from medical institutions by region.

Для учреждений, нуждающихся в кроватях, постельных принадлежностях и размещении медицинского персонала

Отправьте, пожалуйста, свою информацию ниже. С вами свяжутся в ближайшее время

Данные будут использованы только в целях программы #отельеры_covid_stop

Для отельеров, готовых предоставить кровати, постельные принадлежности и размещение медиков.

Отправьте, пожалуйста, свою информацию ниже. С вами свяжутся при необходимости. Ваше участие очень важно.

Данные будут использованы только в целях программы #отельеры_covid_stop

Вы можете связаться с нами в любое время и отказаться от программы. Ваша информация позволяет нам лишь понимать, что к вам можно обратиться.